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23/10 - The Junction Inn, Otley - THE FAREWELL GIG

Sadly the time has come for the band to power down the amps, turn off the lighting and pack away the guitars and drum-kit before bidding farewell to the friends that have followed the band during the past 26 years.

John and I are continuing to play with FLASHBACK and Andy will be doing some solo gigs plus the occasional outing with Richard and Mickey.

26 years is a long time, and yet it only seems like yesterday that Andy, John Lawson and Dave Maude came together as the first incarnation of REDHOUSE, and we have had some great times since then with the other travellers that have joined us along the way.  Over several stints with us, Chris Greer has occupied the drum stool the longest, with Bob Pears, Grant Henderson, John Taylor and (most recently) John Day keeping that vital rhythm going behind me and Andy.

Andy of course has been my longest associate and friend. Without whom we wouldn’t have had the many gigs we played, nor the mish mash of songs that can confound the listeners as we slipped effortlessly between different tunes … the highlight of course being The Kitchen Sink medley which runs out at around 10+ minutes.  Many an hour we have spent as travel buddies as well making some of the tedious after-gig journeys more bearable.

So thank you to all of the band members across the years; the friends of the band and to our long suffering partners who permitted us the time to rehearse and gig over all of the 26 years.


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